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Herb School | Johnson City  Tn TriCities

Want to go to school to be an herbalist. What kind of knowledge does one gather at herbal schools? Oftentimes people who attend herb schools really want to learn more about how to make different things from wild plants and mushrooms. Sometimes it may be learning about how to make wild herb teas or maybe some tinctures from traditional Appalachian medicinals.

Some people find that herb schools are the next step and working with plants because the ethnobotany behind it takes it further than any Master Gardener class. Herb School teaches people how to use plants in a way that could improve their lives whether it’s using a traditional herbal remedy two help soothe a sore throat or reduce infection herb School herbalist understand different uses for many native plants.

Many people have a common misconception that herb schools are kind of just for hippies but that’s very far from the truth because many people what to understand what plants in their backyards are it can be used for. Because so many people look at herbs as just weeds and over time have lost a connection with the natural world attending a school like this puts students back in touch spiritually with nature, the ultimate teacher.

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